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"Ella's Cafe Espresso & Wine Bar offers a cozy corner for a coffee break or a casual bite. Their Toastini stands out with its crispy, sesame-seeded crust and gooey cheese center, paired with a crisp, fresh salad and a zesty green sauce. The coffee never disappoints and is served is a testament to the barista's skill. It's an ideal spot for those seeking quality food and a relaxed vibe in the city."

Why Ella's?

At Ella's Espresso & Wine Bar, we hope to create an atmosphere where customers will become extensions of our own family, and our hope is that our family continues to grow. We are an Israeli/Mediterranean cafe specializing in Israeli foods and delicacies, from our Israeli Toastini to a variety of burekas to our weekend brunch, including Jachnun, Malawah and Chulent. When a customer enters into our cafe, they will immediately be greeted by the mouthwatering aroma of our freshly baked goods. In the evening, we will offer a delicious selection of salads, flatbreads and desserts, as well as our handpicked assortment of wines and beers, including both Israeli wine and beer. Daniel, Maurilio and Gur love the Upper East Side, and we are grateful to be welcomed and embraced by this wonderfully vibrant community. 


The role of our coffee roaster when producing a blend is to balance the body, acidity, and flavor profile of the coffee components. At Ella’s Espresso & Wine Bar,  we use a multi-sourced blended coffee and espresso from Guatemala and Columbia that has a body with complexity and all the components will complement each other. The first sip, while you swirl the coffee over your tongue, and the after-taste will all have pronounced nuance. Consistency is one of the most important qualities customers look for in the businesses they patronize, and we developed a blend with our roaster that proves we are serious about our coffee. Both our housebound and our espresso are available for purchase.


Wine & Beer.

We like to think of ourselves as a boutique espresso and wine bar which carries a wide variety of wines, from Italy to Israel to Argentina. We are here to serve a clientele who love good wine, good times and an inviting atmosphere. We also have a domestic and international beer selection that will quench the most particular of palettes from Gold Star to Asahi to a locally sourced IPA brewed in Brooklyn. We also offer a selection of seasonal drinks to compliment the time of year! So come in, take a seat, and cool down, whether it's hot outside or warm up inside when its cold out, enjoying Ella's selection of beer, wine and food!


Ella’s Espresso & Wine Bar opened in 2021. Daniel Baer, Gur Haykin and Maurilio Tendilla began to work on a menu that derived from recipes that our family has used for generations. While our dishes can originate from other wonderful areas of the world, Ella’s uses recipes and traditions inspired from Ein-Gedi. Everything we make and serve at Ella’s was born out of love and respect for these humble creations, met with a desire to bring only quality ingredients to the table. Simply put, we’re here to bring you a wide variety of sandwiches, a properly served shakshuka, a homemade soup, a freshly baked pastry, or an Israeli delicacy like burekas, jachnun and malawach that can provide you with an authentic experience from Israel that you can feel good about. Because when you’re here at Ella’s, we’d like it to feel like you’re home in Ein-Gedi.

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Catering & Events.

Ella’s Espresso & Wine Bar provides the perfect venue. Whether you’re looking for a location for a bridal shower, or a baby shower, or a holiday party, we can accommodate by creating a memorable experience for your guests. We can provide the space, a front and back of house staff, a full menu, including both beer and wine. 

Locations & Hours

 1465 2nd Avenue 

New York, NY 10075

Mon - Fri: 7am - 8pm
​​Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 8pm

  *No laptops on weekends from 10 a.m-3 p.m.

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