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A partnership that began as a friendship 12 years ago, only minutes after an initial introduction.

Daniel walked into a cafe and applied for a job. Maurilio hired and trained Daniel to make the coffee. Gur drank a lot of it. What started out as a friendship between these three has turned into a formidable partnership over the years, and we love that each customer has become an extension of our families. Throughout our time working on the Upper East Side, we have had the privilege of seeing children turning into young adults, from finishing high school to serving them a cup of coffee on their way to their first job. We have seen grandparents holding their grandchildren for the first time on a Sunday brunch to celebrating baby showers and engagements. We have been fortunate to experience these moments because Ella’s Espresso & Wine Bar has been more than a job for us, it’s become an extension of our home, with an even stronger sense of community. 

"It's a neighborhood fav, every time I walk in here, I feel a sense of community." - Vidhi

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